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Anticipation For “Mun Zo Gaban Ka” by Junias Akaito


A Gospel For This Pandemic

His name is Junias John Akaito, from Kaduna State, Koro by tribe, and a 400 level student of of Architectural Science from Ahmadu Bello University.

He is a Gospel singer, a songwriter, a drummer, and a worshipper and a lover of God.

The song “Mun Zo Gaban Ka” is a song about forgiveness, asking God for His mercies for our shortcomings.

The song was inspired by the pandemic. Reintegrating the fact that men are quick to forgetting their wrongs. And are always caught up in a struggle to break out from one plight or turbulence to the other. And in subtle ways, inferring that God cares less. Meanwhile they have failed to see all that has befallen humanity as a consequence of their deeds and distancing from God. They have abused his Grace and instead of repent, and restore their relationship with him, they resorted to complaining and shifting of blames.

With this piece however, Junias captured the need to ask for God’s mercy and intervention, and shows that only through such reestablishment of our relationship with the Father, would the healing we hope to see in our lands come to pass.

This beautiful piece drops tomorrow, Sunday, the 19th of July. The song is really a must listen.


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