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How To Connect With Your Audience

The best way to understand a fan is to understand yourself because you are a fan to whoever is your idol. Ask yourself why you like them. Or better still, ask yourself why you like anybody at all in this life. Ask yourself why you prefer to hang out with some people than others. Why you prefer chatting with some people than others. Why you love reading some people’s posts than other’s.

And you will realize when you finally ask these questions, that there is only one important answer, which is, it is simply because of how they make you feel. They make you feel good about yourself and each moment you spend with them.

So a fan is basically anyone who finds you fun and interesting to engage with on whichever level, be it musical, physical, intellectual, etc.

The question now is, who and who find you interesting to follow, and why? These two questions if adequately answered would help shape your approach to everything about your music. Because you will realize those to commit to, and what exactly to concentrate on offering them, and how better way to serve it.

I for one, know who follow me, and why they follow me. I know what to serve them, and have been working on how best to improve on it so I may serve them better. Knowing what interests others about you helps you narrow down your energy to only creating contents that will further strengthen your bond with them.

And the way to know this is by asking sincerely. I will be bringing up questions and how to ask them. But before then, here are some characteristics of those who are your true fans.

These people you can trust and relate sincerely with.
These people you can ask what they honestly think about what you do.
These people are like your brothers and your sisters.
These people are those you owe loyalty to as far as your music is concerned.
These people are those who deserve your attention online – not anybody.
These people are those who deserve your replies, comments, and appreciations.
These people are those you do music for.

And whenever you’re online, only engage these people in your discussions. They are those who will give you hope, advice, and a reason to never feel depressed.

Please kindly share this article for those who might need it. Thanks.

Written & Edited By Jock Milly



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