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Poem: “RUN” by Jock Milly

Poem, “Run” by Jock Milly


For your safety
For your peace
For your happiness
For your sanity


To your dreams
To your vision
To life
To understanding
To your truth


With your tribe
With your head up high
With no hesitation
With zero limitations


On your terms
On your path
On your strategies
On schedule
On your weaknesses
On your strengths


From social pressure
From toxic people
From imposed traditions
From forced relationships
From religious gimmicks
From family drama


Through the storm
Through the hate
Through the doubts
Through the craze


As far as you should
As comfortably as you want
As fearlessly as you must
As silently as you can


In accordance with your convictions
In the rain or in the sun
In truth and in spirit
In all sincerity


While you still can

Written & Edited by Jock Milly


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