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Updates On The Killings In Southern Kaduna, with Ziriok.

This is an interview on the updates about the killings in Southern Kaduna, with Ziriok, one of the artists on the forthcoming collaboration “About Us” – a hip hop piece about the attacks by herdsmen in Southern Kaduna.


Jock Milly: Good evening brotherly.

Zirok: Good evening bro. Good looking out.

Jock Milly: Hope you are safe and everyone around you?

Zirok: We are safe these days cos we can sleep for atleast 4 hrs in a night.

Jock Milly: Really? Why just 4hrs?

Zirok: Yeah of course. We have turned vigilantes in our home country. We need to stay woke or get slaughtered in our sleeps.

Jock Milly: Have the killings not stopped at the moment? Since the news regarding the upheaval seemed less spoken of lately?

Zirok: Oh yes. For the past 2 weeks no attacks but we taking no chances.

Jock Milly: That is some good news at least.

But what part of Southern Kaduna, exactly are you talking about here though?

Zirok: I am SK brother. I am talking of Zangon Kataf LG and Jama’a were the 24hrs curfew was earlier imposed.

Jock Milly: Okay.

Jock Milly: Now about the forthcoming collaboration from you and your colleagues. Can you say what you intend to achieve with the song and ears you hope it gets to?

Zirok: Oh yes! !!! “About Us” is a song about Southern Kaduna killings being faced recently. We from Qupic Lab Music came up with a hip hop joint to show forth our displeasure with the effort of the government. We hope this song will reawaken our consciousness to security and tolerance.

Jock Milly: So basically the song is directed to the youths, giving its genre right?

Zirok: Sure, the youths are mostly the target of these mishaps and insecurity, and afro hiphop is now accepted in the region and we are set to conscientize this targeted group with it.

Jock Milly: Okay.

Jock Milly: But with the little security measures put in place, do you feel the government deservie any form of commendation, or you do not still feel safe, and your displeasure still persists?

Zirok: The government have been there and my people were killed. The government’s presence don’t guarantee safety, I think tolerance, fate and understanding is giving us the relative calm we have these few days. We the people are the major stakeholders here. Government security measures have no positive effect to bring normalcy.

Jock Milly: How do you mean exactly? Were there instances where security was breached in spite of the security operatives’ operations in the attacked regions?

Zirok: Yessir we had instances of attacks going on in same places government placed citizens on 24hr curfew. Why will there be curfew and attacks going on?

Jock Milly: Can you give names of the attacked areas?

Zirok: Gora Gan in Zangon kataf LG were attacked not once during the curfew, Chibob in same LG were also attacked, and other communities.

Jock Milly: That is unfair and very troubling.

Zirok: Yes it is, that is why some of us are advocating for the actualization of the community Policing. And the government should also call on the bandits not necessarily pay them again, but order them to stay off our territory.

Jock Milly: Does that mean that the government is against the community policing initiative?

Zirok: Lately the government has given in to the pressure and the President has given orders for certain Billions of Naira to be released to kick start the process for Community Policing. At least the masses’ voices is winning here.

Jock Milly: Yes, fortunately. And we hope that it is a preview of a better security measure to come for the people of Southern Kaduna.

Zirok: Yes, we pray so, that is why we make songs that will reawaken the masses to their right to rightful living.

Jock Milly: And that’s very commendable I must point out.

Zirok: Thank you so much, as I said earlier the masses are the stakeholders in peaceful living and coexistence, and unless we get it right as masses we will never defeat the few elite and political class that have failed us.

Jock Milly: That’s correct.

Jock Milly: So in closing, what will be your advice to all the youths in Nigeria in respect to nationwide security and collective involvement in the affairs of government?

Zirok: My advice to the Nigerian youths is to position themselves in politics and subsequently governance and refuse to be used by crisis entrepreneurs who stand to gain when our people suffer. Let the Nigerian Youth be given the needed atmosphere to exhibit his innate enterprising abilities.

Jock Milly: I couldn’t agree more.

Jock Milly: Thank you very much for your time and blatant views.

Zirok: Thanks for having me and sorry for the break earlier on…..better governance will ensure efficient data and network provisions.

Jock Milly: Hahahahahaha

Jock Milly: No doubt about that.

Zirok: Thanks for your role in giving platforms to creative contents.

Jock Milly: It is an honour brother.

Zirok: You welcome

Jock Milly: I hope to interview you some other time. Thank you for taking out your time to tackle timely issues through hip hop. And not forgetting your colleagues. We can’t wait to listen to the song “About Us” when it drops.

Jock Milly: Have a great evening. And God bless.

Zirok: Thanks for having me . Amen

Jock Milly: It is an honour and a privilege.


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